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Hey there, Stranger! (Months-old draft)

Hey there, Stranger! I want to talk about you. I want to talk about you and all the things I know of you to my friends, to my family and to you.
I want to tell them about your sense of humor and how you make me laugh so hard that I want to pee. I want to tell them that you're one of the biggest reasons why I have been staying up late. I'd like to share the little game we play at night. I want them to know that when I smile and laugh to myself, I have you to share it with. And I want them to know that I get a little giggle everyday because of your funny pick-up lines.
And yes, I know my limits and some things you say aren't meant for me because I know you have someone in your life and I am glad. And I am not saying that I'm falling for you but know that you are not hard to love. And I appreciate you telling me some parts of you -- the sad, the happy, even the embarrassing ones. And I want to tell you how thankful I am to have been able to talk to you. You are smart and funny and real and my vocabulary can't even cover the words I want to describe you with. And I want to say more but all I can say anymore is "and" and I know sentences can't start with "and". And I want you and all of you to know these things but maybe I'll let the strangers know this first because they won't mind and I won't matter.
You might see this or you might not. And you might know this or you might not. Whatever the case, this is for and about you. You, the stranger I met through a friend. The stranger I feel comfortable with. The stranger I want to get to know more. The stranger I hope becomes my friend or something more...


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