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Day 1: Your current relationship

I am not in any romantic relationship. My last relationship ended just a few weeks ago. I am still hurting but I am trying really hard to move on. Maybe eventually I'll get better but this kind of pain takes time to heal. This is not easy because this is my first heartbreak but nevertheless I have grown into a stronger person.

Being single is kind of new to me because ever since I had my first boyfriend, I was never not in a relationship. (Get it?) Single life is okay, so far. We get to spend more time with our families and friends and we get to meet more people. I cannot say too much on being single particularly because it's too early to tell. So how about you? Can you tell me your experiences? I just might learn from them.

“In the darkest days, the Lord puts the best people into your life.” from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


  1. Girl, ano nangyari? Third party ba? Sayang naman 2 years na kayo diba? :(

    1. Hey, text me. Pano ko ibibigay sayo number ko? :)

  2. Girl yun pa rin ba dating number mo? Kung yun pa rin itetext na lang kita kung when ka free para ittreat kita ng lunch para malabas mo yang heartache mo. :))