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Day 6: 30 Interesting Facts about Myself

1. I love downloading Photography apps
2. I am scared of stray/happy/excited dogs
3. I am scared of the dark
4. I run up or down the stairs when I'm alone.
5. Then, I scream.
6. I don't eat sushi and sashimi.
7. And I haven't tried one. (referring to number 6)
8. I love seafood.
9. But I am allergic to shrimps and crabs.
10. I don't eat isaw, sisig, betamax, kikiam +++
11. I have asthma :(
12. 1st honor Dean's Lister for 3 consecutive terms (Yeah!)
13. I violated the school's dress code at least 4 times.
14. I got a major offense for that.
15. I got my heart broken about 2 weeks ago. (Too much drama? Sorry.)
16. I like dancing.
17. It (dancing) doesn't like me. Haha
18. I miss my Dad everyday.
19. I am vain but insecure.
20. I pray the ACTS every night. (Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication)
21. I get drunk easily. (2 bottles!)
22. I love peeing. :)
23. I am a cry baby.
24. I get mad easily.
25. I find green jokes super funny.
26. I have my own pillow (It has been with me for more than 10 years now, I think).
27. I love wearing Crocs. (Sorry haha)
28. I started reading books only last year.
29. I can eat 5 rice meals a day
30. And I stay thin.

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