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Day 2: Where You'd Like to be in 10 Years

I would be exactly 30 years old by then and I imagine myself as a working mom, with a loving husband and a happy family. To answer the question of where, literally, I want to settle down in my own country -- the Philippines. Even though most of the people around me have already given up on the country's situation, I have hope. We'll never know what could happen in the future (I might just become the next President of the Philippines!!!).  :) Moving on, I could be working in an office, a school or in  the entertainment industry! The office is the safest choice. Being a Psychology major, I could apply for a job in the HR Department and in 10 years, be a boss or something. I also see myself being in a school because I have always wanted to be a teacher -- a college professor in particular. Ever since I could remember, I have always dreamt about teaching kids and grading papers. I don't think it would be much to reach in 10 years, right? Graduate school can be fast, I think hahaha! Lastly, for the job part, I fantasize about being in show business! I could be anyone there from stylists to models to actresses!  If this comes true, however, it would only be a part-time job.  I don't want to waste the "learnings" I had in college... So, yeah.

Let me just tell you about my husband and my family 10 years from now :)
My husband would be like my Dad. He is someone who is humble despite his success in his field. He SHOULD be comfortable to be with, trustworthy, funny and blah blah blah. I just want someone I fully trust not to leave me in the morning. =) Like Dad, I would also want him to spend time with the kids (minimum of 2 and maximum of 3, co-ed) even if it's just a lunch out or a basketball game. I want someone (as the father of my children) to keep his promises. This is the most important thing I look for (and hopefully I find. 10 years is a long time!) in a husband as a father.

In short, I want to be successful, loved, happy and contented :) Not only in 10 years, but for life. 

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